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Sunday, January 30, 2011

the understanding

i remember it well~the nights that slipped by in the deaf hours of morning...her hands,warm and worn,stroking away the fears...teaching me,in that thick island drawl which controlled her as time died.letting me know that in the vapors between heaven and hell,you were still relevant...breathing memories sufficient for the seperation i endured upon your ascension.a tiny heart,encased in a fleshy box of tears,struggling to rationalize the void.i would smell the musky traces of visitation and yearn for the comfort of ancient times~yet my heartbeats are set and i dare not search the unknown...i never belived~until i saw you bedside me on the shore,years later.yet you weren't there...only your soul and comforting words.


  1. wurdz, you've a knack building up steam through your style. "encased in a fleshy box of tears" Great line. Nice work!

  2. thank you sir!your thoughts and comments are always insightful and inspiring!

  3. as always you have wicked flowof thought...i feel the loss in this on what once was...