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Monday, January 3, 2011


you molded the flesh that now sits incoherent~drowning in a self made pool of sorrow...songs of love jump from the jukebox and dance a jig of pity on the black rock in my amount of tears can cover the fiendish emotions you helped create.yet i bathe in them hands claw at the soft skin that now lies open,festering...yes i've tried to pull it out many times only to realize that a new one will only become infected with the disease i carry.shock waves of resentment course through my mind as i picture what could have much promise~the passion,the breathing as one.all gone in a moment of conception that haunts me...and you beg me to accept.i feel i shall never see through roses that which you accept as life...never should a soul endure such pain.i walk through the masses and wonder if they see the brutish freak formed from us...the hopes and dreams have become foul memories which keep my darkness fueled.release me to feel the warmth of sunlight again..for now all i see is the dim glow of the torches.

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