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Sunday, January 2, 2011

can kesha come out to play?

what is that drives you?...i see the crispy straight backs and ya swag so right.but is it something from your past that screams death to all males?has the species turned your hatred into an outside persona which nails society to the wall?~i can picture you ramming your fem with a rubber staff strapped to your buck and sweat as she pushes back to meet what you both wish was really there...your harsh voice so hard and masculine shouting commands and telling the world who you might be...or is it a fantasy you perpetuate to keep from crying at night?are you still daddy's girl since he stole the cookie?but you've since been released from that grip.a knife to his throat in the throws of sleep,then six feet one has heard from him hence.your pants drooping low and boxers fresh~can you tell me how to be the man you are?a sexy sight indeed but your name remains.

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