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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

backwards cry

xanex...her dessert of choice.the main course of absolut and mango did nothing to ward off the demons that serenade would be so simple they had assured.yet now they come like clockwork-tick,tock,tock,tick legions of them sometimes rum and zoloft does the trick-they bare fanged grins and hold intellectual bouts of chatter.some of it-to much in her opinion-about...him.that darling little boy that had dreams of running through fields of forever and learning the intricate geometry of throwing a two fingered splitter.she entertained his talks at night when she wasn't taking a drag from a blunt or choosing her latest form of alcoholic indulgence...the demons remind her that it matters not what she claims to douse the flames...her soul and mind are filthy with the remains of tomorrow...her tears stream and she reaches out to hold the child that calls her mommy yet she has never held.he wails from the pain,wails from the pain and the life essence of his tragedy fills her...crimson and thick. nails of laughter sear her mind as the demons dance and sing his name.a hand full of any prescription-she downs.he bids her goodnight as his blood stained spirit ascends.this would be the sixth and final time they would talk.the burden of what she allowed was to much to bare.


  1. nice. this would be great spoken and i really like the repitition of the 'wails' line...

  2. Flow and spirit to your lines. Like how you write stream of conscious type pieces, wurdz