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Friday, January 21, 2011

the lady in the boat

can you swim?can you stroke and move so that my senses are quenched and my fingertips inhale the delightful taste of your wet happiness?...i search and find the woman~hiding yet smiling as my tongue slithers along the soft alley.she beckons me for a kiss and i give in to the sight and sounds of that elusive girl.she extends to meet my gentle lips and giggles in retreat.we play a game of hello kitty and she drenches me with the sweet nectar i've come to crave...golden skin so warm and tender,taking me inside fantasies that chill my spine and keep me entranced...waiting for the lady to appear once a princess,she sheds her hood and tells me of the need once i indulge in the sweetest cream...letting it coat my face as i turn to elongated whispers of carnal knowledge.i crawl as a panther onto her sensuously soaked skin and enter.pushing,rocking the boat towards that point of welcome release that we both seek...from the canoe she tickles my second head~first head...and i send a tidal wave of sea men to her rescue...she eases back pleased with her fulfillment.i crouch and watch as she rows away and sinks into cover.

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