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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ravine hill,pt 3

screams from upstairs interrupted the bargaining process.''BRENDA?!''leon ran taking the stairs as if he were walking on air.''DADDY'S COMIN!''he ran down the long hall that seemed to stretch and last forever.he stopped and fell to his knees as he stood in her bedroom door.he opened his mouth in silent disbelief.his daughter was being ripped into red fleshy pieces.her blood dripped and flew about the room as three of the black bodied undead feasted on her soft of the creatures sank its row of incisors into her throat and pulled back with crimson flesh and hair protruding from its mouth.the filthy thing snapped it's head back a few times to digest the hair.''no...noo.''leon said weakly,shaking his head.the sound of ann screaming slowly awoke him from his visual nightmare.she grabbed the axe and ran to her child.she buried the tool into the side of a feeding demon.''NO!GO TA HELL!''she yelled as she pulled the weapon back and chopped again,this time severing an hit the floor with a wet plop and squirmed at her leg.she stepped on it and cut it again.''LEON!WAKE UP!WE HAVE TO LIVE!''she swung at the other burned flesh beast.''we'll never get out.''he whispered.she fought.''we're gonna die here.''he sighed...

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