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Thursday, January 27, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 17

tina pulled up outside her friends house.she slammed the car into park and made a mad dash for the english tudor.she felt more tears welling up but controlled herself.she pushed the doorbell feverisly.after a few seconds,gail pulled the door open.''oh my God,girl wat happened?!''tina pushed past her and closed the door.''william...he's tryna kill me.''gail helped her move to the sofa and sit down.''dam did he shoot you?''''yes...i don't know wat to do.he just went crazy.he came home from work and was angry about somethin that happened.''gail was walking away as she talked.''go on girl,i hear you.just gettin some towels.''''like i said,he went crazy...he was...''tina stopped suddenly when she saw a pair of shoes by the door.williams favorite work shoes.''gail?...''she stood and spun around to look for anyone.''that's ok,gail.imma take care of it myself.''she wasn't sure what was happening,but she had to get away.she ran to the door and snatched it open.her mouth opened in a silent scream.''hey baby.goin somewhere?''william slipped a six inch hunting knife into her throat and pushed her back into the house.gail walked out with the towels.''i'll help u clean that up,''she said watching the blood pour.''what are friends for?''FIN

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