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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ravine hill,pt 7

leon used the blade in his hand to stab the image.the child looked down at the wound and let out a piercing scream of sorrow.she began to smoke and gradually floated away in ashes.the knife fell at leon's feet and turned into a reared back and opened its bared the rotten teeth of a rat.the voices of children came forth singing.''thirteen hundred ravine hill,hear your mommy and daddy squeal!thirteen hundred ravine hill,grab your saw and start to kill!''the song repeated over and over getting louder each time.''STOP IT!''ann stood and stomped the snake with both feet until it was a bloody mass of scaly flesh.leon grabbed his wife and hugged her.the creature hissed,turned and dove into the hole from which it came.entrails and oily black fluid was left in its wake.the eyeballs scurried about making faint screaming sounds as the couple stepped on them.there came a rumbling from the front yard.the whole house shook.'there can't be an earthquake in ohio!''leon reasoned as he limped and pulled ann to the door with him.upon opening,they stood frozen.the lawn was full of the undead.the half body of one corpse lunged at them.leon slammed the door on its head,smashing the rank contents across the floor...

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