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Friday, January 21, 2011

the apprentice,pt 12

a quick palm jab under the throat made boone choke.he tried to counter with a forearm but chase pushed it down and connected with slap across his face.the combination stunned the big man and he felt dizzy.angela had heard the scuffle and tried to run over.''CHASE NO!''he held boone by the collar and was about to strike again.''LET HIM GO!''blaque had pulled her nine and held it on the two men.''look old man,''chase started,''i made a mistake.but yo mistake is to keep FUCKIN wit me over some two year old shit!''''LET HIM LOOSE,CHASE!''he was deaf to her pleas.''tamika made a choice and stood by it.SHE lied to me!you act like you wanna fuck her!now she a grown azz got a problem,u take that shit up wit HER!''he released boone with a shove.the suprised man wiped blood from his looked at angela as he started to walk away.he turned back to the chief.''don't ever...put your hands on me again.''angela struggled to put her gun away as she followed chase.''hey...HEY wait up!''he moved through the scene as if no one existed but him.the faces moved by like faded pictures.all he wanted was the comfort of his car.he slid into the cobra,threw it in gear and peeled off.''fuck em,''he thought aloud.he needed a drink...

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