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Sunday, January 16, 2011

tears across the ocean

she will be remembered as a gentle wind sings through giant palms.her smile will be seen when the mirror shows your reflection...laughter so thick and hearty,the hugs that wrapped around and soothed away heartache and pain.weep not for her~yet rejoice in the memory of what was and still is...marvel as the eyes of grandchildren sparkle as she sees you through them...remember as the ocean kisses the shore and whispers her name.listen...for st.thomas shouts in celebration of a matriarch...she dances on the tongues of all that knew her.she lives on~in the heartbeat of all that breathe and sheds a tear...but her way was not crying,nay it was to nurture hope and desire of what she never let go and watch from afar as her fruit blossomed.weep not tears of sorrow for her that bore you,but strains of gratitude for life and understanding...rejoice as her spirit soars~for now she is truly near.

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  1. this piece was written for a dear friend who lost her mother.she had come to america to make a better life for her son and herself...while here,the woman who gave her life passed in their homeland of jamaica.