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Sunday, January 16, 2011

the apprentice,pt 8

''fuck you and you AND you angie!i been nothin but good to you you bring yo weed head friends in ta rob me?!''billy looked at john and laughed.angie stood amazed and detached.''sir you think this is a robbery?no this is salvation day for you.''john wiped the spittle from his worn suit coat with a towel he grabbed.''you're going to help us with a training program.get on your knees.''the man stood motionless staring at them.john aimed and shot him in both knees.angie screamed as the big man fell forward onto all fours.''give her the tool william.''''but john i wanna~''''GIVE HER...the tool,''john repeated slowly,pointing the gun at billy.angie took the axe with tears in her eyes.''please don't make me do this,''she pleaded.john pointed the weapon at her throat.''bitch i will kill you just as easily as a roach.bury it in his head!''the man looked up at her.''people always told me i shoulda never hired yo sorry azz.most of em said you was a street ho that~''the axe came down with a crunch.she pulled it back slinging flesh,skull and blood.some brain matter landed on the grill and sizzled,sending smoke into the air.she landed another blow, from the side,which almost took the head off.''now THAT'S emotion.''john marveled...

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