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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 11

''you are SO hot when you're angry.''tina stopped pacing and looked at vince.''um did your mom like drop you on your head when you were a baby?i could give a fuck less about bein sexy rite now!my husband is wandering around somewhere,thinkin about wat happened and probly gettin a gun.and you thinkin bout sexy?!wats wrong with DIS picture?!''she plopped back down on the bed,put her head in her hands and elbows on her knees.she began a muffled moaning.''i really think he ran away baby.he's not coming back.c'mon,think about it.if he was gonna react he'd be here rite now.will has always been my bitch and i've always been around to collect his fuck ups.''tina looked at him.''so i'm a fuck up,huh?''the words sounded harsh when they were shot back at him.vince sat next to her on the bed.he put his arm around her and pulled her close.he could feel the resistance in her body.''ok bad choice of words.but you know wat i mean.i wanna be with you cause you mean more to me than to him.he doesn't appreciate you.''''wateva.rite now we got a bigger problem.the pizza place is gonna be lookin for lover boy in there.wat's the plan hotshot?''vince sighed.that equation never crossed his mind.''fuck.just dump him in the neighbor's yard.''...

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