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Thursday, January 6, 2011

truth be told

falling to pieces is never a pretty sight...the person you thought was endeared with superhuman powers~crumbles.a quick glance at self,through silver and black,reveals the character flaws in which i revel...the quirks and cracks that only a few have been blessed to see...yet they remain~strong and hungry...where were you a decade ago when that broken man was on the edge?did you think you were so in love like i did?would you lie awake at night and dream,eyes wide shut,about that perfect soul that would rescue you from the black abyss of happiness?you could have screamed my name to let me know you were on the horizon...that hope was on the way if i could stay afloat.but spoke not and my nightmare remained...but now you're here.a sweet fantasy able to renew my spirit and dry the tears of pain which have stained my heart...if i could have one wish right now it would don't need the riches and fame that some strive for~only the knowledge that you'll never contentment has been defined in the chocolate kisses that we share,the laughter in all that we do.where have you been?...doesn't matter.for all i can feel is the way you handle my that i rejoice.

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