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Sunday, January 16, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 9

tina rubbed her hands through the man's head and sighed as he licked up her thigh.she looked up with a startled yelp.her sudden movement made shawn turn around.his shocked face was met with an aluminum bat.'PINK!'his head snapped back pulling his body along.''FUCK!WAIT.DON'T DO THIS!TAKE MY MONEY!''vince smiled.''don't need ya money,dawg.''he swung again connecting with the man's head.this time a spray of blood shot out of his ear and splattered on tina's body.''EWW!wat the fuck is wrong with you?!he woulda been out in a minute!''''yeah after he was up in that azz?''tina jumped from the counter and grabbed a dish towel from a drawer.''please don't tell me you jealous.really?''she wiped the blood and looked at shawn's shivering body.''i'm thinkin of killin my husband and you worried about me gettin some fake azz head?!baby it's you i want.''she reached up and pulled his face down.they shared a wet sloppy kiss.''i don't know about you sometimes,''he wondered aloud.he put the bat against a wall and gathered her close to him with a quick move.she laughed at the thought of her lover being jealous.''mmmm,so i got me a hot head buddy?''he picked her up and plopped her on the counter.''can i finish wat you wanted lil nasty?''...

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