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Sunday, January 2, 2011

the apprentice,pt 2

john gave the young man a stern look then licked the blood splatter from his hands.''william,never show such outbursts of always works against you.the only way to work in the zone is to contain the ecstasy within.''billy looked up with wide eyes and nodded.''you're rite,''he said looking down at the bloody woman.''i have to be steady.more,more~''''the word is 'involved'.you need to do this as if it's your LIFE your JOB.otherwise you're nothing but a fucking copycat with visions of wat's rule number one?''the young man stood up and saluted his teacher.''show no outward emotion!'''' finish this shit,''john said kicking at the body.billy dropped to his knees and took up where he was interrupted.he sawed at the soft flesh and listened as the blade made its way through veins and bone.john watched the boy with pride.he only wished that when he was that age someone would've given him advice.he considered himself a professional but perfection was his goal.billy stopped sawing and stared ahead.''wat's wrong?''the young man sighed slowly.''could you not call me william?it reminds me of my mom.''john smirked.''i'll call you wat i fuckin your job.''''but that don't sound scary at all.''...

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