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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the apprentice,pt 15

chase sat sat in a dark corner of the nugget bar.he nursed a glass of goose and looked at the evidence he'd found.''mind if i join?''he looked up to see andrea's piercing eyes.she flashed a slight smile.that was something new for her.''free country,i been wat cha want.''she slid into the booth next to looked at her.she was actually a beautiful woman.smooth brown skin,luscious lips and a wicked body.she just carried it so hard.''wat cha got there?''chase looked all around then back at the object in his hand.''oh you mean this?this little nothing that two forensic officers,a chief of staff and countless others walked over?''blaque shook her head and smiled.''yeah hard azz wat is it?''chase sipped his goose.'' i said.''andrea eyed the man that sat next to her.she hadn't been part of the force long but she was curious.all the talk and mystery had built up in her mind like dominoes waiting to be pushed.she moved closer,put her hand on his dick and kissed him.she parted his lips with her tongue and stroked his pipe getting it to press against his pants.she backed away breathing heavily from her taste of anderson.''so i take it you wanna fuck,''chase quipped.''did i stutter?''andrea licked her lips...

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