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Friday, January 21, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 12

''sometimes i wonder wat it is about you that i like,''tina mumbled as she pushed past vince.''you know it's the way i handle that pussy,ma.ya boy couldn't take it.''he followed her like a puppy,watching her ass bounce and shake.tina stopped in horror and he bumped into her as she stood in the kitchen doorway.''no,no,NO!wat the fuck is happenin?!''vince looked around her and quickly saw the problem.shawn was gone.''ok...dead people don't just get up and walk away.this ain't no zombie flick.''tina sighed and leaned against a wall.she looked at the trail of blood that led to the back door.''don't you get it?''she asked laughing.''william came in and pulled him out while we was in the bedroom.he's gonna get us...i know it.we fucked up.''vince moved to his lover and tried to embrace her.she fought his advances as he wrapped his arms around her.''THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!if you had just stayed in the room til i got it under control!''the words made vince angry but he knew she didn't mean them.''wat was i supposed to do?wait til he noticed my car parked outside?or wait for you to shout out a safe word?boo,we did the rite thing.''she put her head on his chest and cried.''he's gonna come back and kill us...i can feel it.''...

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