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Monday, January 24, 2011

ravine hill,pt 6

the pain traveled through ann's leg like an electric wave.her toes felt numb and she could feel an icy undercurrent in her mind.''your faith is pathetic,''the beast whispered.''you will be greatly loved in the bowels of the lake.''ann whimpered in defeat.she watched leon trying to slice his flesh off.every thought of escape she had was torn to shreds by the pain of her surroundings.the demon let out a squatted and began to shake.the eyeballs bounced and jumped in anticipation.steadily the stomach of the thing swelled.suddenly with a massive pop,a sea of black fluid and blood spilled from the creature.the floor was covered in a steaming, rotten flesh smelling heap.a shape took form from the filth.'' hurts.''''NOOOO!NO!YOU LEAVE MY BABY OUT OF THIS!''''mommy...hold me.i'm so cold.''the seed walked closer to ann taking form as it limped.''you...are child.''the sound of brenda's voice made leon look up.''baby girl.are you ok?''he asked standing up.she looked at him with eyes almond shaped and black as coal.''do it for me daddy.kill you did me once.come to me.''she held her arms out.leon began to weep from pain and confusion.he let her walk closer.''my child is are you.''...

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