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Saturday, January 8, 2011

my little secret

through a whirlwind of frenetic ecstasy,my vision of her is complete...the sweet taste of finality sings to my heart and i swoon under its essence.the touch,the feel of imported silk is her skin...lips as succulent can never be found~they search my hardness with a soft caress sending waves of delight cascading through my loins...tender are the nights that we shared.the sounds of heightened sensuality pouring from her soul as we near the company of one...dare i say that she could capture my fancy?or has the deed been done as i fantasize of chocolate cries and cinnamon thighs...pleasure one oh one~my personal indulgence~and a sweet habit hard to break.she is the culmination of years waited and time preserved...perfection in motion.i inhale her curves and savor all i can,for she may be a cotton candy dream.

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