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Sunday, January 23, 2011

the apprentice,pt 13

''dam did you see how she did that shit?''billy asked in amazement.john was in heaven as he watched the blood pool around the man's body.he smiled at the spasms that still occured in the beheaded corpse.''did you know that he can still feel?the life drains from him but the nerves are still tingling.''he raised the gun and fired a shot into the man's ass.a slight jump then nothing.''that's enough,''angie said softly.john looked at her and winked.''back from your trip to pleasureville?it was exhilerating,was it not?''the confused woman shut her eyes and sighed deeply.''no need to explain,my dear.william,get the head and put it on the grill.''john pulled the axe from angie's clinched fists.the young man picked up the head and looked into it's eyes.''can you hear me?you bout ta be bacon.''he slammed the bloody neck onto the hot surface with a loud sizzle.angie ran from the kitchen and threw up as she got to the dining area.she heaved violently and cried as she did.john handed the axe to billy and they walked out to watch her.''remember that first time?how you felt like your soul was leaving with each spew of vomit?''he put the gun in his waist and walked to the puking woman.he pulled her up and slapped her hard...


  1. "loco" is the perfect title for your challenge response! Beware of that "mantrap." lol Nice lines, especially the one with slithering innuendo. Great work with the prompt. Cheers

  2. thanx for the comment,dustus!just sorry it posted to the wrong your thoughts, along with the staff of one stop,are very liberating and touching.