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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 6

tina prayed hard and fast.all she knew was that catastrophe lurked in the bedroom and its name was vince.''dam,did you get tighter?''william said while pulling her towards him.''um, baby you jus turn me on.that's all.''''maybe i should wait two or three weeks...all the time.make you wet like this.''tina was speechless.the few times they did fuck was the problem.but he was actually finding his groove on this one.she dared not close her eyes and enjoy.all hell would surely break fate would have it,it happened anyway.vince came all the way out of the room and walked down the hall.his junk swung freely as he made his way to them.william looked up.''wat the fu~''his left temple met vince's right foot and he fell backwards.the room spun a few times and he was out cold.''WAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOIN?!''tina yelled out.she kneeled by her husband and checked for a pulse on his neck.he was still with them.''hey,i had to do somethin,''vince started.''he was gonna come to the bedroom soon.''''i coulda kept him out here and made some shit up!wat the fuck is yo problem?!you almost killed him!''''would that really be such a bad thing?''tina looked at her lover then back at william.''you mite have a point there.''...

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