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Thursday, January 6, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 4

''ok,so you just gonna stand there naked?grab a glass!''tina heard the words but it still didn't compute that her husband wasn't suprised to see her in the livingroom butt naked.but that was why she got vince.he always made sure her need to be noticed was taken care of.not to mention her sex drive.''did you hear me?''william asked suddenly looking at her suspiciously.''no,um,wat did you say?''''i said 'cheers'.drink up.''he had poured wine for her and was gulping down his glass full.she had to get it together.he couldn't know about her affair.''let's be crazy.''she eyed william with care.''meaning?''the gleeful man was in the process of tearing his clothes off.''i wanna make lo~no.i wanna fuck you on the floor right here!''that was the last thing she expected by the book william to say.she guzzled the rest of her wine.''excuse me?''before she could get out another sentence,he took her glass,threw it against a far wish a crash.he spun her around like a top and bent her over.she was about to object to his crazy behavior but his hard dick was pushing against her wetness.''wat's gotten into you?''''you mean wat's gettin inside you?''he pulled her hips back and buried his wood deep in her pussy.tina was confused but loved it...

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