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Saturday, January 29, 2011

the apprentice,pt 18

john let the water run through his hair and braced himself on the shower wall.he looked at the dirt and grime swirl down the drain.he so wished his soul would do the same.the emptiness that consumed him daily was like a vice on his brain.constantly reminding him to kill,mutilate,slice.he stepped from the shower.''eww!could you wait til i'm off the crapper!?''billy said taking a drag from his newport.''those things'll kill should consider quitting.''billy grunted,wiped fast and jumped into the shower.he didn't flush the toilet.john stood for a long moment looking in the mirror at the water dripping from his hair.''you're a trifling young man,william,''he stated as he pushed the toilet handle down.''it's amazing that anyone would ever take a liking to you.that's why i teach you.''''HUH?!''the water was running loudly.john grabbed a towel and wrapped himself.he walked into the motel room and sat on the wasn't often,but he was actually horny.the memory of touching angie was still fresh.he was handling his dick when a knock at the door startled him.''YEAH?!''no answer.he reached for his pants on the bed,pulled out his heater and walked to the door.he looked through the peep hole to see a sexy blonde.''want company?''...

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