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Sunday, January 23, 2011

ravine hill,pt 5

ann backed away with tears in her eyes as she watched her husband rip at the flesh on his leg.she didn't see what he was trying to do.all she saw was the blood pouring from the cut of the blade.''honey,''she whispered.''there's nothing there.''leon continued to dig into his thigh.ann heard the gnashing chattering teeth again.she looked towards the living room and the creature was looking at cocked its head and spoke.''you love him?''a sly toothy grin spread across the upside down head.ann nodded slowly.''then kill him!the hunger has his mind.only a matter of time until he takes your life then his his mind.''the woman shook her head and mouthed 'no' silently.''KILL HIM YOU FILTHY WHORE!OR WE WILL!''the beast reared up showing its immense size and roared with a deafening sound that resembled a fog horn and freight train.ann covered her ears and sank to her knees.''dear father god,in the name of your son jesus~''the roaring stopped.''SHUT UP BITCH!''the beast moaned and spit out a gray and green mass of phlegm that landed on ann's tightened like a hand and creeped steadily upwards.''where is your god?''the animal mocked.ann screamed in pain as she grabbed her leg...

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