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Sunday, January 9, 2011

red wine

we played the game that was expected of us...the laughter,the all threw us into a whirlwind of ecstasy~your name sat upon my lips as the nectar of sugarcane and alas as sweet.our love drained through the glass of time~the residue,hard and callous,became the calling card for my emotional told me,in disjointed strains of clever conversation,that it wasn't enough...the pound of flesh and sanity you took,didn't satisfy the insatiable hunger you developed~so i had to be next.i laid prone while you inhaled the last drop of my manhood...which i tried to restore via inravenous thirst...i watch you leave as i sip the fruit of the vine~you always wore scarlet well...

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  1. Interesting structure. Might I ask the significance, in relation to the piece, of the tilde vs. the ellipses? I note you use them both, to similar ends. Very passionate and reflective piece the prompt stirred in you.