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Monday, January 24, 2011

the apprentice,pt 14

''now look wat you've gone and done,''john said shaking his head.''you've contaminated the crime scene.that's a mistake which is unforgiveable.''he pushed her back quickly,pulled out his gun and shot her twice.she fell backwards against the stools and counter.she cried out in pain.he landed one more shot in her back which pushed her to the floor.''can i finish it?''billy asked,raising the axe.''put it down,william.this isn't one to butcher.she had potential.but her puking all over the place would have gotten us dead...let's go.''''i'm hungry now.can we take the pie?''''leave it.''''but dammit i worked up an appetite! I deserve~''''YOU DESERVE TO GET A FUCKIN BULLET IN YOUR BRAIN!''john held the gun to the boy's head.he snatched the axe.''you're trying my patience,'s time to leave.never over stay your welcome.''they walked to the door and made their way out.a man had just pulled up and was walking away from his truck.''mornin's the eggs an~''john shot him in the head sending a spray of blood and flesh into the air.''food's good.service is dead.''john said with a smirk.he opened the door and tossed the axe onto the back seat.''can we get pizza or somethin?''john was silent as they peeled away

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