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Thursday, January 6, 2011

b3st friends,pt 2

''thats...the whole purpose.''tina moved her ass in a constant rhythm.the feel of his hard dick standing up inside her was heaven.being a stay at home wife had its perks and this was truly a thrill ride.she was used to a wham bam and a cloud of dust.a man that could last a while was a true treat.''smack my ass.''the words escaped vince.he was lost in a world of eye candy and carnal thoughts.he listened to the wet sounds of skin on skin friction and dreamed of all he could do.''GOT DAMMIT SMACK MY AZZ!''the loud order got his attention.he reached out and slapped the honey brown cheeks.then he reached for the silky locks flowing down her back.they felt like velvet in his hands.''das wat i like.mmmm.''tina leaned back and eased her ass down on his groin.that made his dick slide up inside and against her spot.''you can't hold out forever,''she whispered.''i want that hot shit in me.''she squeezed her muscles and massaged his pole with her walls.that turn of events almost made him loose it.she heard him groan.''fuck it.''with a quick flip,she was on her stomach and facing his wand.she popped it back in her mouth and started a feverish pace.vince looked down at the thick lips on his shiny wet dick.''no,baby,wait.''she ignored him...

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