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Sunday, January 2, 2011

theory number 6

pain will always be the catalyst of true i indulge in mine and contemplate what makes me miss you...was it the talks over breakfast?the way we looked at each other and knew that time couldn't erase the joy we had in our hearts?...was it the way you held my hand after years of being together?problem is...all the above is at fault in my quantum physics rendition of...amore.tears have become a standard as they wait to fall on command when i think of how we squandered our chance at breaking the curse set by our elders~checkmate.but alas...we too have set adrift on waters that churn and pull innocent minds into the perfect storm of bittersweet memories ruled by hatred and despair...yet a lone part of me yearns for sweet surrender once more...the rush of balmy breezes and rolls on hills of green.but winter has stolen my hope and placed it under glass for all to see.

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