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Saturday, January 15, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 8

''close the door behind you,''tina cooed as she seductively moved towards the kitchen.''i keep my money in a cookie jar...would you like some of my cookies?''the pizza man pushed the door shut and followed her like a sick puppy.he watched her ass move and figured this would be better than he expected.'''m how you gonna pay me?''tina hopped up on the counter top and faced the man as he walked in.''silly do you wanna get paid...or laid?wats your name sexy?''she spread her legs and let him see the complete view of her shaved brown pussy.''shawn,''he said,throwing the pizza on the glass table.''shit like this NEVER happens to me!i hear my boys talk about it all the know,gettin ass fa pizza.dam!thank you lord!''he fumbled with his zipper.he was turning beet red with frustration.''awww booboo...come 'ere.''tina reached out and pulled him close.she held his shoulders and pushed him down.he knew what that meant and was eager to comply.he started kissing her thick thighs and reaching around for her ass.he was breathing heavy and started to sweat.''dam i still can't believe this!''he said looking up at tina.''is this like a i on a reality show?shit!i got a wife!''''but why think about that?''...

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