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Saturday, January 8, 2011


foul beast...bearing a hunger which cries out for my flesh,you lull me into a daze with your whine.i try to go about my tasks~as mundane as they be~trying to ignore the soul deep wrath your presence evokes...the lie is intact and you look at me you look beyond to imagine the life fluid of my being flowing through you...i move away yet you follow.can this be the devious pattern of one that kills or that which lives on how much i bleed?the contempt i hold,nay i say,is classic.can hatred be as colorful and sweet as that which i hold as your muse?you touch the surface of my emotions and instinct tells me to swat you away...i can no longer play the mouse and feline game you relish...flee from me accursed filth and fly to your next victim...i pray they end your life for my chance was spurned.

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