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Thursday, January 13, 2011

the apprentice,pt 7

billy ran back into the diner swinging the axe wildly.there was a couple sitting at a small table.they made a move to leave and john pulled his gun.''HEY!excuse me,but could you sit down please?''his politeness was a suprise to the couple.''mister we jus wanna be on our way,''the young man said holding the hand of the woman with him.''give me your wallet,''john said walking over with the gun locked on them.the man reached in his pocket and tossed it to him.john quickly read the license.''ok craig.hit the road.we have any trouble i'm comin for YOU.we have an understanding?''''yes sir,no trouble!''he pulled the woman like a rag doll as they fled.''to the kitchen,''he said,locking the door and turning back to angie and billy.they walked in as her boss was cracking eggs into a container.''sir?''the chunky man turned to face them.''wat da hell is this shit!?angie these some a yo druggie friends?!''he looked at the axe and then all of them.''when was the last raise you gave angie,um wats your name again?''the man coughed up phlegm and swallowed it.''didn't give it.who the fuck are you?''john laughed.''tough one aren't you?well at this moment in time i'm your god.i decide if you live or die?''he coughed again and spit on john...

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