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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 7

vince leaned over william and snapped his fingers.''wakey,wakey!''there was no movement from the man.''shit you mite a liked him already.''tina put her head against his chest.she heard a faint beat and sighed.''if we do this how the hell we gonna dump the body?''vince folded his arms and rested his head on and upturned palm.''come on mr. THAT'S a good idea.wat cha got?''''i'm thinkin...''the silence was deafening.but then came the dagger.the doorbell sounded.''what the fuck is this?!the drop in center?!''tina whispered angrily.''WHO IS IT?!'''' ordered a while ago?''tina looked up at vince.''fuck,fuck,fuck!i forgot about that shit!i'll take him in the back.handle that.''''wat?i'm naked!remember?''''well stand behind the door,''he snapped while pulling william.the bell rang again.''OK!''she watched vince struggle with her husband and pull him into the bedroom.she gathered her thoughts and answered the door.''dam wat took you so long?''she asked peering out.''its lunch time ma'm.lotta people order round this's twelve fifty.''tina wasn't prepared for this in any way.she fell back on her assets.she opened the door so he could see her thick body.''come in.i have to get the money.''''shit.take ya time.''...

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