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Saturday, January 15, 2011

you said

it would be good to the last drop...that's the statement you mind would travel along endless miles of fantasy induced orgasms until i collapsed from pleasure.yet when i allow the ghosts of yesteryear to parade their wanton facades,it seems futile at best.the tantric sex was a choice of salsa~hot,medium...yes started out free and uncharted...i counted the days until i could be lost in the softness of your curves,drenched in the wetness of your heaven~when i unleashed my twin,you pushed him back.nay was the answer to the freakish nature of my all took a turn when forever was introduced as our bed spill my seed on pillow soft cheeks of yellow was a wanted a mini me though i was porn star found religion,and became my you made you mad to see me waste it.i asked you to swallow...then i was twisted~but i did you.alas that time is i stare at my naked left,maybe one day i'll try again.

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