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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the apprentice,pt 11

chase kneeled down to get a better look at the shiny object.he pulled tweezers and a small plastic envelope from his pocket.''wat cha got there?''he looked up to see chow the chief forensic officer.'' and boone on the same case?we must be dealin with a full deck.''chow shook his head and held out his glove covered hand.''give it up, know the rules.any evidence has to go thru the lab first.''''how's the new lady friend,bobby,''chase asked,dropping the object into the plastic.''she still not givin that head like she should?''chase had a few bits of knowledge also.''who told you that?!''chow folded his arms.the topic changed his slid the envelope into his pocket.''shit i hear things just like everyone else.i'm not the only one with a life i see.''''ANDERSON!wat the fuck?!''boone was headed their way.''does anyone know my first name?i feel like i'm in the matrix.''boone walked up to the men.he gave chow a sideways stare.''i got this,''boone said with a low snarl.chow looked at them,shook his head and walked away.''i told you never to be anywhere i happen to be,ya piece a shit!why are you here?''chase smiled.''shit's like cream,it rises to the top.''boone pulled him up and got in his face...

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