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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the apprentice,pt 6

chase loved the feel of sherry lying in the bend of his arm.he watched the ceiling fan over the bed turn lazily.he thought of the women in his life: tamika and now sherry.the vivid memory of karen still haunted him,making him feel guilty with every attempt to move on.he missed her so.yet his lonliness and fear kept him far away from any relationship.rapid knocks at the cabin door stirred sherry.''you expecting someone?''she asked through a haze.''no.and this better not be a witness out here in the sticks.''sherry laughed as he hopped up,pulled on his boxers and trotted to the door.he opened it to find a husky man with his hands pushed in his pockets.''you must be anderson.can i speak with my wife?''sherry heard the voice and sprang up.''don?!wat the hell are you doin?''she asked walking to the door.her husband watched her pull down the bengals tee she wore.''i know you heard of low jack,''he said sizing up chase.''wanted to see wat you was up to.''''see!this is why we separated now,don!no trust!low jack on my car?really?''chase walked away from the couple.''sherry we can work this out.''he walked in and tried to hug her.''no!why ain't you think about US before?!''chase shook his head and moved to answer his flashing phone...

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