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Thursday, January 27, 2011

ravine hill,pt 9

leon locked the hatch.they heard the man ranting about killing them so they wouldn't infect other people.then his voice faded away.they sat in the dim moonlight shining through an overhead window.ann checked her wound.''LOOK!''she said tapping leon for his attention.the cut was slowly healing.even material was mending itself.''wat the fuck is goin on?''leon wondered aloud.the room shook violently then stopped.a bright glow bathed the room in yellow.the confused couple shielded their eyes from the light.the yellow hue faded and a child stood off in a corner.she was dressed in black.the clothes she wore seemed old from another era.she pointed to a black box that spun slowly around.the voices of the children singing came back once more.the child screamed in pain and disappeared.the box spun.''wat the hell...wat else can happen?''leon got up.''baby no.i don't feel rite about it.''he kissed her gently and moved to the floating black square.a fleshy cord shot from the cube and embedded in his forehead.the box morphed into a black spider like creature,pulled itself onto his face and wrapped around his head.ann screamed as she watched leon struggle and then slowly give in to the bouncing thing.his body shook as he dreamed...

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