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Thursday, January 6, 2011

the apprentice,pt 4

''jus''the waitress looked at john's hand as she poured the hot java.''and you sir?''she asked billy as he sat nervously shaking his leg and mumbling.''william,the woman is talking to you.''''huh?oh...shit jus gimme a slice a cherry pie.''''don't have cherry sir.we got lemon,apple an peacan.''john smiled.''coffee and there anything more american?i'll have some too.give us a slice a that apple.''''comin rite up.''billy watched the waitress' ass bounce as she walked away.''now THAT'S american.''john shook his head.he needed billy to focus.his mind was all over the place.''sex or death?''''wat?wat are u talkin about?''''which one makes your dick hard?the way you looked at that woman i'd say sex.wrong choice.that makes you soft.''billy sank down in the booth and laughed.''fuck man!ain't you ever had a good piece a ass that made you suck your thumb like a baby?''john looked at the young man a moment.''no.blood is my nut.flesh is my high comes when i kill...maybe i made a mistake with you.''the waitress put down two thick slices of pie on the table.she was visibly shaken and tried to hide it.john grabbed her by the arm.''are you ok love?''she looked at the blood on his hand.''yes i'm fine.''...

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