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Sunday, March 13, 2011

when a soul cries

she never told me
 what made her do it...
what could drive someone
 to play God
 and dangle,helplessly,
from the edge of nothingness...
a jack knife dive
 into the belly of the beast.
soaring high on the puff,puff pass
 that erased years of morality.
mama cried...daddy was used and told lies~
then daddy died,
making her cry.
yet she remained steadfast,
taking the low road to redemption 
at sanity's expense.
through pleads that fell upon deaf ears,
a mind torn and tattered.
body worn and weary,
wandering decay filled streets 
to quench a thirst
 that will never cease.
eyes stream morphine drips 
that resemble anger tinged demons~
smiling her demise.
yet my love remains,
for she is flesh of my flesh 
and we
 flesh of those that have passed on...
where does she belong?


  1. great word play....the puff puff pass...and mama cried, daddy...lied....where does she belong, perhaps unknowing is the reason....

  2. she belongs to us all...that's brutally poignant

    "eyes stream morphine drips that resemble anger tinged demons"...yet drugs may not be the issue, this image still works well

    Peace, hp

  3. "decay filled streets to quench a thirst that will never cease" and "eyes stream morphine drips" (literally tears of drugs) Great work, wridz

  4. I really enjoyed the flow of this poem, and I felt for this person; you made me feel for her. Wonderful write!

  5. emotion filled piece..very well executed.
    my fav. line is..dangle,helplessly,from the edge of nothingness.. says so much..

  6. What drove her to it? So much said in so few words. Dangling from the edge of nothingness is a great line x