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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sunshine and shadows

the remains of a murdered quart
floated from his throat...
his seed had gone home
after eleven years.
he talked of the remorse
that kept his heart bound
and shackled...
the fact that regret engulfed his memories,
snatching away what should be fond smiles
and hearty laughter.
...he cried.
a sorrowful deep wail that no man
should ever have to release...
yet he owned it as his reward.
his mirror would be a score and one...
he weeps and weeps.
the song of an infant pierces reality,
shouting to the world its existence.
mother should not have seen,
for her plan was decimated
by a deliberate scheme.
she was captured by eyes
innocent and brown
...she glimpsed the long lost soul
of her father.
the fear and uncertainty of life
were trumped
by a bundle of tomorrow.
she weeps and weeps
for a future unknown~
yet defined by her delivery.


  1. nice lots of emotion in this one...future defined by delivery made me think of babies having babies...and the broken man in the first part is a powerful image...nice one shot.

  2. i saw a man struggling at a young age to take responsibility...enjoyed the read..a good amount of emotion..cheers for sharing pete