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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

bedroom bingo

sex had become stale and longer did she inhale his every beat as her own.the washboard had turned into a tub,thus,the exhilaration factor faded...then one night,as she labored under his pathetic,strokes,it happened.she looked into his black eyes and watched as he struggled...she wrapped her wretched thighs around his mid section and pulled him deeper into his tomb.he panted and pulled her locks as she latched onto his laboring libido.streaming lines of lust oozed into his ear,pushing...coaxing him to show his metal...the pit bull on his shoulder humped and ran in circles.this was his finest hour,this was his finest hour,this is his final hour...into the abyss he rode.cock strong and determined,he came and went~then collapsed,eyes wide shut.she pushed him aside and she dialed the three numbers,she thought of aruba and smiled.


  1. Ouch. Could feel the agony in this one - certainly drew out for us the death of libido and lust! Gold Digging as well...damn bloodsucker. Just putting up with it for the sake of that trip, and all it represents, smiling at death...welcome to the darker side of life.

  2. wow. what a way to least he died with a smile on his face, right? i know the emo behind this to do my sit ups...smiles.

  3. intent comes in familiar spaces / faces...there are worse ways to go

    Peace, hp

  4. As far as death goes in his case, can't say he didn't see it coming.

  5. wow, what a story, emptiness, power, lust,'s a sad tale.

  6. agh - now the question is...was this a happy end after all...

  7. Great description..almost puts one off reaching orgasm ever again! :)

  8. Ouch! Poor guy. Then again, isn't that a guy's dream "way to go"?

    Here's my One Shot: Ode to Strength.