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Monday, March 14, 2011

the siren

wearily weeping tears sublime,
through memories laid bare.
a future teetering on borrowed time
wearily weeping tears sublime.

devastation resembling sordid rhymes,
as the world peers in,will they care?
wearily weeping tears sublime,
through memories suddenly bare.


  1. I'm glad you tweeted this. I have had a lot of distractions today. But I think this is poignant and layered with its many applications. Beautiful, sad, timely, caring and filled with the universal concern and realization of life's fragility. Thank you for completing the form so well. Gay

  2. A devestatingly haunting piece, thank you ever so much for placing your heart and soul in your words. This triolet is both timely and compelling. Thanks Wurdz

  3. Both timely and compelling indeed! Thought this was a fantastic capture of our world Right Now, which makes this most timeless. Great use of the form as well, as read aloud, the impact only increases through the smooth and well thought structure of the piece. Loved it! (And thanks for stopping by my place as well :) Looking forward to continued shares) ~N

  4. Very touching, compassionate, and thought provoking.