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Saturday, March 12, 2011

fiber optic frappe

titillation to the nth degree...sounds,so sweet and sensual,entice my lower being and propel my desires to naughty deeds that make my inner boy scout sweat...the visualization of your mouth~moist and wet~inhales my perverse penchant as the may pole grows to dizzying heights.the promise we had has long since been broken.our pleasure punctuated nights of verbal war have give an enticing laugh~warm and sticky...the length of my manhood slides greedily down,down tickling the tonsils.i return the favor as you mount my lips and moan a song of delight...scintillating sounds of self service permeate my lust~dancing on electrical steroids that pump like hydraulics...mental explosion coupled with dual satisfaction.i imagine you licking your lips in anticipation of our next adventure in roaming.

1 comment:

  1. That little tidbit has me feeling some kind of way and I'm sure that was the point lol

    Now I am thinking of the next time I experience "hydraulics."