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Saturday, January 8, 2011

the apprentice,pt 5

john looked into her eyes and saw her glance down.he looked at his hand and saw the slightest bit of blood.he was usually more careful.his training of billy had caused him to slip.'''ve got eyes like a hawk.those are the eyes of someone that pays close attention to detail.''''sir,i don't know wat's goin on but i want no parts of it.for all i know you cut yo self shavin...the pie's on the house.''''ANGIE!get yo hot ass away from the customers and do some work!''she frowned and turned towards her boss.his fat head peered over a counter.he looked angry and had the face of a bull dog.''jimmy i'm ok.jus tellin em about the special.''john noticed the disdain and anger in her voice.''you hate him don't you?would you like us to kill him?''billy sat up with that sentence.''awww hell yeah!come on john let's do it!''angie looked on in amazement.''um,he's jus a lil crazy at times.but he don't deserve ta get killed.ya'll crazy.''john smiled and rubbed her hand.''no dear,quite the opposite.rational and observant.william,go get the tool.''the young man sprang from the booth and bolted for the door.''sit down long you been working here?''angie sat down slowly.''long enough to hate this shit.but it pays the bills.''...

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