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Friday, January 21, 2011

ravine hill,pt 4

''NO!WE'RE GONNA FUCKIN LIVE!''some of the eyeballs had found their way upstairs and hung in various places watching,bouncing on skinny legs.ann pulled her husband up,begging him to regain his composure.''baby please!i need you!i don't wanna die!''the sound of his wife's pleading voice sank in.he looked around then took the axe from her.the wound on his leg was thumping and throbing.the pain had gotten worse.he looked at the large scar and yelled in disbelief.the flesh had grown a small row of teeth and was oozing a foul thick wetness.''WAT THE FUCK!!?''he snatched away from her and hobbled downstairs for the kitchen.the sound of squishing and popping eyeballs could be heard as he struggled to his destination.he leaned the axe against a wall and fell towards the silverware drawer.''gotta get it off gotta get it OFF.''he pulled out a carving knife.''baby NO!WAT ARE U DOIN?!''ann had caught up.leon plunged the blade into his thigh above the wound and started to slice.ann watched as he cut and mutilated himself.a thick tongue eased from the mouth and fought leon's attempt at amputating it.''STOP IT!''ann screamed.she ran to him.he held the knife at her.''i'll make you bleed bitch.fuck off.''the voice wasn't leon's...

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