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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ravine hill,pt 8

''the attic.''''WAT?''''there ain't no way this shit is happening there!''ann made her way to the stairs with her husband.body parts and intestines lay twitching and squirming all about the house.after making their way to the center of the upstairs hall,leon reached for the door.a searing pain in his leg made him fall to his knees.ann bent to comfort him when the sound of horrid screaming caught their ears.they turned to see a child lying on the floor.her body mangled and strewn about.a man,holding a saw,covered in bits of flesh and blood,looked up at them.''I HAD TO!''he said moving towards them.''ann...get that door down.''''can he see us?''the man began to weep.''THEY ALL HAD THE RAVAGE!''''ann get the dam door NOW!''she jumped up,grabbed a rope that hung from the handle and pulled it down.a ladder came out.ann pulled leon up and pushed him onto the he struggled to get up,the man swung the saw at ann.she tried to avoid the blow but it took a slice into her arm.she kicked the man before his next swing and he fell over the railing onto the steps.''COME ON!''leon yelled and held his hand down.ann cried in pain as she climbed.she collapsed as leon pulled up the ladder.the man shouted.''YOU GOT IT TOO!''...

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