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Thursday, January 6, 2011

designs in mocha creme

the mere sound of her name echos thoughts of clandestine encounters...soft and enticing are the windows to a soul that beckon me with each passing fingers long to roam through locks of satin and trace the picturesque lines which define this mocha angel.the taste~heaven sent and perfected for my palate.endless nights are filled with my desire to hold her,caress the form that has become a i dare say that madness has driven me to her side?it is the scent of perfume and the call of her love that push my mind into a state of flux only she can tame...she is mine in dreams that soar to heights of pleasure devine.there i may indulge in the endless ecstasy executed by my hunger...she is the air i've waited to breathe,the sonnet that flows from my lips and wraps us both in the promise of what can be...stay fair and complete my love,for one day you shall know the depths of my heart.

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