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Sunday, January 30, 2011

ravine hill,pt 10

''daddy wats wrong?why you sound like that?''stuart said nothing as he stared at his daughter.his breathing was labored.she couldn't see the saw in his hand and the blood smeared all over his body.''where's mama and tracy?''the small girl asked.''why were they screaming?''''they was sick child.''leon's body shook rapidly.''how was they sick daddy?was it the ravage?''stuart began to weep.''you got it too,tricia.we talked about it.remember?''''NO DADDY!I'M FINE.''''no ya not sweetie.we all got it.that's why we can't sleep at night,always hungry.can't figure out wat ta eat or's the house.''she was blind but she heard him walking towards her.she began to scream and tried to run.stuart grabbed her and threw her to the floor.''YOU AIN'T MY CHILD ANYMORE!''the fleshy cord throbbed on leon's head.ann prayed.stuart slammed the tool into patricia and began cutting her into pieces.her arm wiggled and crawled leaving black blood as it moved.he held her by the throat as her skin smoked and became charred.her teeth turned into razor sharp needles.she hissed and bit at her father.''god forgive me,''stuart whispered as he began to saw her head off.leon wept.the thing on his face stopped bouncing and melted into a foul goo...

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