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Sunday, January 16, 2011

the apprentice,pt 9

chase looked at the body parts strewn about.the late morning crime scene was buzzing.and so were the flies.''wher the fuck YOU been superman?knee deep in some pussy?''chase turned to see frank,one of the crime scene workers.''um,i don't remember inviting you into my life,''chase responded.''and yes.i was into something you know nothing about peanut butter pusher.oh wait i'm wrong,it's 'you got your chocolate in my peanut butter.''frank gave him a long look,flipped the finger and walked away.''is that your sit an spin?''chase called after him.the man stomped off with no words.a small boy stood at the edge of the scene alone.he held a fishing pole.his face was twisted with fear and officer stood with shook his head as he walked to them.''i got this,''he said motioning the officer away.'' look about 12.doin some fishin?''''i'm 13.yes sir.''''did you find all this?''''jus the was on my hook.''the young man was trying to be brave but his eyes were watery.''go home.i don't care wat they tell em i said so.''the boy looked at him and ran off.''chase!wat the hell are u doin?''''i know that voice from hell.miss blaque!how you doin?''she walked next to him.''you know boone is here,rite?''...

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