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Sunday, January 16, 2011

ravine hill,pt 2

the black head split open.eyeballs,covered in putrid smelling brain matter and the multicolored blood,poured out of the wound.they scurried around on skinny appendages like daddy long leg's.they scattered about but most ran towards ann.she stomped and screamed as they popped under her feet.suddenly there came a loud banging.the hard wood floor bowed in and then back out as if breathing.wasting no time,the horrified woman ran to leon's side.the floor exploded sending boards and debris upward.they watched as a thick mist spread from the hole formed.the sound of teeth chattering made them look up.on the ceiling hung a hideous sight.''no...oh god wat the fuck is that!?''ann whispered trying not to draw attention to them.the filthy beast twisted its body and looked at upside down head of a opossum sat atop the ooze covered body of a woman.her muscular arms and legs ended in talons.the tail of a scorpion dripped a thick semen like fluid.''YOUR SOULS ARE REQUIRED IN HELL!''it squealed at the couple,while exposing razor sharp teeth in a smile.''FUCK YOU!''leon yelled pointing the axe at the creature.body parts scurried along with the eyeballs.''WE DIDN'T KNO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SHIT!we jus wanna LEAVE!''...

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