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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the apprentice,pt 16

''no you didn't stutter.THAT'S the problem.the fact that you didn't hesitate means you had this scenerio worked out in that pretty lil head of yours for some time.''andrea pulled back a bit and looked at continued.''fact is,you don't really want wanna sample wanna get some dick so you can find out wat all the hype is about.see if you can tame mr.anderson.''blaque jerked her hand away from his hard dick.''you just don't get it do you?''she said looking at the table then back at him.''on the contrary,i get it ALL the time.that's why i know you fulla shit.i see how you and sherry go at it.simple cat wars.why not just drug me and have a menage a trois?it'd be easier.''''you think you all that,''andrea said through clenched teeth.she slid out of the booth and stood next to chase.he looked up at her.''i didn't say a grabbed MY dick.i didn't fondle yours.''''mutha~i'll catch you just don't get it.fuck u.''she stormed towards the door.''sorry i popped ya manhood,''he called after her.''can i be the boy next time?''she gave him the finger as she switched out the exit.he chuckled and pulled out the plastic bag again.he didn't want to but he had to call sherry.he needed inside help...

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